Oh no! While out on an adventure, Bloogi's rocket has run out of fuel. Bloogi has become stranded on a planet far from home. Solve puzzles to help Bloogi earn coins and return safely home. Bloogi is a strategy and logic arcade game.

Stages and Levels
There are 7 stages made up of 40 levels. Each level presents the player with a new puzzle for Bloogi to play. No two puzzles are the same. The puzzle to be completed is presented on the left hand side of the screen. As Bloogi, the player needs to match the puzzle on the right hand side of the screen.

3 Game Types
Match Up: Bloogi can see the puzzle being matched - both sides of the screen are displayed.
Remember Me: Take a look at the puzzle. Once Bloogi starts placing candy, the left screen puzzle is hidden from view. Need to see it again? That's OK but it will cost you in your bonuses.
Countdown: Time is running out! Complete the puzzle before Bloogi's energy runs out. The more energy used, the less your bonus will be. Pause the timer, lose points.

Candy Hardness
1 Star: easy to play candy pieces form the puzzle. Normal scoring.
2 Stars: more candy is used in each puzzle. Scoring wth bonuses.
3 Stars: candy pieces are more difficult to determine, making game play very hard, but bonuses are greater.

Bloogi Trickiness
1 Blob: Bloogi is well behaved.
2 Blobs: Bloogi uses patterns to place 1 or more candies in the puzzle.
3 Blobs: Bloogi plays very tricky and randomly places candies up/down or left/right in the puzzle. Bonuses are greater.